Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Boots in India (2020)

Best Sellers in Women’s Boots in India. Buying boots online was never easy. Read the full review and online women’s boots buying guide.

They say, ‘you can kick anything with the right boots.’

This phrase also includes jaws when they see you wearing some. A right strut is a result of a good shoe. And what could be better than the proper footwear? Well, the right boot.

Best Selling Women’s Boots

PBSBoots are covered shoes that usually reach your ankle, or above. They can be heeled or flat-soled shoes.

While boots are traditionally seen as autumn-winter essentials, you can break all rules and wear them at any time of the year, depending on how you style them.

There are no rules in fashion. But sadly, there are some rules for buying clothes and shoes, especially when they are boots.

Given that they are seen as a young shoe, your foot size, width, your maturity in style, etc., play up in the equation when you are buying boots.

What’s worse? You will have to be all the more cautious of these factors when you purchase them online.

Best Selling Women's Boots

Usually, it is safe to say that a size bigger boot is better than a size smaller. But Indian manufacturers are notorious for making boots that are a tad bit smaller than what their size charts suggest.

Hence, always go for a size above your regular size to make sure you don’t end up with a Cinderella-esque situation.

PBSBoots are usually costly (especially if they are graced with a decent heel size). It deters many people from buying them, and hence they are rarely seen in people’s closets.

However, I believe you don’t need to shell out vast sums of money to look good. All you need is some research and smart buying, and you’ll save much money by looking ravishing on a budget.

It is exactly what this list is about; it is a listing of inexpensive boots that outperform their price point. Sure, you might not find a Louis Vuitton quality boot here, but you will be getting 80% of its functionalities and style by paying almost 10% of the price.

If that doesn’t sound like an absolute steal to you, I don’t know what would! Without any further ado, let’s get started on our Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Boots in India.

Before getting into the actual list, here’s the standard disclaimer, which I think you should know before proceeding. is essentially a repository of articles that talk about best-selling products in a particular category or type of products that you are looking to purchase online.

Also, I am using affiliate links below, which means that when you purchase through any of these links, Amazon will pay me a small commission for absolutely no extra cost to you.

With that out of the way, let’s now take a look at the top 10 best selling women’s boots. If you want to buy boots for women online, pick bestsellers.

FASHIMO Ankle Length Boots for Women and Girls

This ankle boot has everything you can expect from a boot of this size and build – a fuzzy inside and a lifted toe (which helps balance the discomfort of the heel while walking) are a great plus.

It can be styled with long leggings and tight dresses (especially winter clothes). Try to avoid pairing it with Indian/ethnic wear because it might look a little absurd.

Most of the best selling women’s boots are from Fashimo, and you would know why, when you read about them in the following sections.


  • Lace-up closure
  • Comes in three colors – Blue, Grey, and Tan
  • Medium height heel


  • The color range gives us a few options to choose from so that you can pick the one that goes best with your wardrobe’s color palette
  • Great for almost every western attire
  • Very versatile and can be worn during both the day as well as the night during club events.


  • The faux leather is notorious for chipping
  • The size chart happens to be a bit on the smaller range, so you might have to buy a more significant number of shoe-size
  • Not water-resistant.

FASHIMO Women’s Leather Ankle Boots

Fashimo returns yet again with a similar boot. While most boots might look the same to you, pointed toes elongate your feet and make your legs look longer than they are.

Though this might not be a pointed-toe in the most real sense, it does come close to a curved ‘pointe,’ which is a plus.


  • Comes in a total of  20 styles and colors
  • Medium height heel
  • Lace-up closure


  • The range of options here is insane. No matter what your taste in boots is, you’ll surely find one that matches it- from eccentric floral patterns to everyday black sophistication, and this product has it all
  • The build is of high quality and hence makes for an incredible long term buy
  • The rubber sole is waterproof and hence makes it an excellent choice for humid outdoors
  • A lifted toe helps you walk quickly in the heel
  • The glossy surface is easy to clean


  • It might not be the most accurate size chart for a shoe. Hence you’ll have to buy two sizes higher. If your size is already on the upper limit of the size chart, it is best to not invest in it because it might be a tad bit too small for you
  • The circular toe makes it difficult to stand for a more extended period without a foot-ache
  • It’s in one’s best interest to have a good knowledge of what texture shoe they prefer. Since this is a glossy finish, make sure you are someone who prefers that kind of texture on your boots over a matte finish.

Creattoes Women Boots 

While having metal details in shoes is not unheard of, this product does it quite smartly. Since all of us are wary of metal details on our shoes owing to skin reactions and sketchy color plating, this boot has these golden metal accents on the outer end of the shoe, which saves you the worry of any skin contact.

Fuzzy on the inside, this shoe ticks all the boxes of comfort as well as style.


  • Available in 7 shades
  • Medium box heel
  • PU/Synthetic leather
  • Lace-up closure.


  • Since it’s a box heel, it is much easier to walk in
  • A great party-wear choice
  • Sticks out in a sea of boots because of its gold accents
  • The rubber sole prevents any slipping
  • Easy to clean
  • It can make for a great gift since most of these are accurate to the size charts given by the manufacturers.


  • The gold detailing clashes with the silver chain (remember the thumb rule of styling metal details is never to mix gold and silver unless your dress has both these colors to make it a well-balanced color palette)
  • Because it is a round toe shoe, you will find it uncomfortable to stand/walk in it for more extended periods
  • The sole corrode very fast, hence use it sparingly.
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Alexa Faux Shearling Pull-On Women’s Boots

A unique design, this shoe strays away from the cliché box heel boots and introduces a kitten heel in a kick (which is a bold choice, to say the least). It is one of my favorites in best selling women’s boots.

Boots are a great way to draw attention to your feet, especially when they are not the generic boot designs that we see in the market. If you are someone who loves to look different from others, this one will surely blow your mind.


  • Medium height kitten heel
  • Syn Leather body with rubber (PVC) soles
  • Lace-up closure.


  • Dust resistant
  • Comfortable heel height
  • Comfortable to walk in or stand for a long time, hence can be worn at workplaces that demand continuous walking or standing hours
  • The metal detailing is subtle and adds a certain elegance to the whole shoe.


  • Not the best build out there. A little rough handling can make the sole come sliding out in no time
  • The faux leather is not very durable
  • Runs a size smaller than what is indicated in the size chart.

KRAFTER Women’s Canvas Boots

An absolute show stopper, this one is not for the faint of heart. You will need some strict confidence and flamboyance in your strut to pull these off. While we happen to have an excellent eye for detail, it is essential to know what you can pair it with before you make a bold choice like this.

Since it has accents of black and white (which is one of 13 styles available in this range), you need to make sure this grayscale floral extravaganza will pair well with something you own in your wardrobe.


  • Medium length box heel
  • Syn Leather body and rubber sole (PVC)
  • Frontal lace closure.


  • A comfortable heel that can be worn for more extended periods
  • Does not need any kind of accessorizing as it is quite outlandish on its own
  • When paired well, can elevate an everyday outfit to incredible levels


  • The build is cardboard, which makes it a weak candidate for a rainy day shoe
  • Non-water or dust resistant material
  • Might not be the best choice for gifting someone unless you’re sure that it would complement their wardrobe
  • The heel glue is a wee bit wobbly and can come off after a while of rough use.

Before you get in to the rest of the best selling women’s boots, lets talk about a few tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while shopping online.

Buying boots online is a massive gamble because one, many of them don’t fit you right, and two, most of them look hideous when paired with some elements from within your wardrobe.

Now, why is that so? Boots are a unique piece of clothing that draws your attention to your legs.

PBSYou need to pair them with things that do not clash with this. For example, wearing an over-the-top dress along with a boot would be an overkill. That’s because both your clothing and your shoes are now fighting for attention, and neither is getting its due.

Whereas, wearing a long beige skirt or an oversized khaki jumper with boots would look incredibly well-balanced because it would let the boot shine while complementing it instead of fighting for attention.

Your outfit needs to get along to look cohesive and stylish seamlessly.

Now, what makes boots such a tricky shoe section? The style.

PBSMost boots are box-heeled, ankle-length ones that have a lace-up front closure. While it is a safe choice that you can rarely go wrong with, it does not stand out. It is generic, and if there is anything most women hate looking like, it is generic.

We all want to be memorable. Hence, finding nuanced shoes that make you look beautiful while not looking incredibly common is the key to success as a buyer.

It means buying best selling women’s boots that have a quirk to them, like a crisp metal detail, an extra zipper, some patchwork in a characteristic hue, or a stiletto heel (or any other heel that is not a box heel).

Finding such quirks will not only uplift your overall attire when you wear these boots but also help you understand your wardrobe, and it’s potential better.

PBSBoots are often seen as a tricky gift, but they don’t have to be. Always remember that while gifting boots, play it safe, i.e., pick neutral colors that could be paired with anything in one’s wardrobe (unless you know someone’s closet).

Also, make sure you do not trust size charts blindly because those things can be tricky.

Always do your research, read reviews, and thoroughly look at customer photos of the product to make sure the color and texture of the shoe are as you expect from the marketing campaign photos.

FASHIMO Texture Long Boots for Women and Girls 

A real goth-girl dream, this style suits everyone who has a little bit of quirk in their sensibilities. From goth flame shoes to military-style camouflage boots, this boot range does deliver a few kicks.

Team them up with a leather jacket, a pair of loose camos and a crop top, and you will transform into the chic-est girl in town. It is built for fun style. Also, it is meant to up your boot game from generic box heeled black ankle boots to something a little more free and creative.


  • Medium height box heel
  • Lace-up closure
  • Rubber (PVC) sole
  • Canvas body
  • Available in 17 styles.


  • A funky choice that will complement many things in your wardrobe
  • Many styles to choose from (to pick the one most optimum for your closet)
  • Comfortable heel
  • Sturdy build that can withstand a rough terrain


  • Not waterproof
  • Needs to size up by one shoe size

FASHIMO Women’s Black Leather Look Ankle Length Boot 

A suede body ankle boot that uses the stitches as an attractive quotient, this model ticks all the boxes in the style department.

It can be coupled with different outfits; the versatility is off the charts. Because of the different material used, you won’t find the boot looking overtly conventional on your feet despite having neutral color ranges and a box heel- that is because the look of the boot is entirely different from what a generic boot would look.

This is for those who want a different choice without straying into the edgy lane.


  • Medium height box heel
  • Suede body, rubber heel
  • Frontal lace-up closure


  • Very versatile; can be worn with most things in your wardrobe
  • Looks classy without being too edgy
  • Perfect for gifting someone
  • The soles are corrosion resistant.


  • The build might not be the sturdiest
  • Can get uncomfortable after a while
  • Suede is a very demanding fabric (in the sense that you will not be able to wear it outside in rough weather)
  • Cannot be washed or cleaned
  • It runs a size lower than the charts.

TOSHINA SHOES KING Women’s Synthetic Ankle Length Boots

A pink boot? Oh yes. Who said boots had to be in dark colors only? Pastel hues soften the effect of a boot or the drama it brings to the legs.

It allows you more room to be able to style a cohesive outfit, which is not ugly or straightforward. So you get the space to pair a gorgeous outfit with a great shoe without the shoes fighting for attention.

It also helps you balance, let’s say, a heavily printed white dress with a pastel boot (preferably with some type of a matching color palette), which allows you to wear these boots more often.


  • Medium height block heel
  • Slip-on closure
  • Available in 4 different styles
  • Syn Leather body and rubber sole.


  • An excellent choice for people with very few everyday pieces in their wardrobes (or a lot of jewel tones, pastels, whites, etc.)
  • Sturdy build
  • Eye-catching choice


  • Chances of getting dirty and discolored are very high
  • Not the most comfortable shoe out there
  • Runs a size lower than indicated in the size chart
  • Not waterproof

BEONZA Women High Neck Boots 

Another one of the best selling women’s boots is for those ladies who love a little razzle-dazzle downstairs. The fur in these boots is faux fur and is going to look very cool with a pair of classic blue denim jeans.

It shall elevate your daily look by a mile. Your everyday jeans and t-shirt are about to get a neat makeover. While most things on this list have been ankle length, this one goes an inch or two higher, so do check if you’re comfortable with that


  • Syn Leather body and rubber sole
  • Lace-up frontal closure
  • Faux fur rim/neck
  • Medium height box heel


  • Comfortable heel
  • Great for short girls who want an illusion of longer legs
  • An excellent choice for a chic winter-wear


  • Because of a higher neck, it creases at the back after prolonged usage
  • Not a high build; rough usage can separate the sole
  • The feather can come off if not used delicately
  • Runs a size smaller than the one on the chart

Klaur Melbourne Women Boots 556

This one is a neutral beige toned number that is ideal for pairing with almost every western dress in your wardrobe. While the collar detail at the neck gives it some character, you’ll find that the heel is elevated at the toes not to arch the foot beyond the levels of casual discomfort.

If you’re into chunky pumps and stilettos, you’ll love this boot. It is for those who want a higher heel without compromising on their comfort.


  • 4-inch heel
  • Suede body, rubber sole
  • Lace-up frontal closure


  • Has an incredible build
  • The height is an excellent plus for shorter women
  • The insides are lined with fuzzy fabric, making it cushion your feet
  • The collars on the neck are a very saucy addition to the whole design.


  • Runs a size smaller than indicated on the chart
  • Is not very comfortable (can only be worn for shorter intervals)
  • Since it is made of suede, it cannot be washed or worn on rainy days


Most best selling women’s boots are similar in price, but differ in the make and also the features that they carry. It is important to choose one that matches your style.

Boots, if styled well, can hold an entire look together. While we may not be the most adept at styling boots often, it is safe to remember a few critical points while doing so.

One, if you are pairing it with a dress, make sure it is not a dress whose textile is in absolute contrast with the shoe. For example, if you’re wearing a bright-colored georgette dress with a suede boot, there is no way you will be left alone by the fashion police.

PBSIt’s a recipe for a wrong impression. How to know what textile looks compatible with what? While no set rule or chart fixes a standard pairing mechanism, I can tell you some common pairs that you will usually never go wrong with.

Since the most common material of our boots is leather, let’s see what textiles and dresses look the best with leather shoes (mostly in neutral colors): Leather on leather is a great look for evening wear. At the same time, other soft, flowy fabrics also work great depending on the color and style of the garment.

For example, a pure white cotton summer dress would look bomb with some tan suede boots. But on the other hand, it would look very out-of-place with black leather boots.

Similarly, leather pants (preferably in the same color) paired with leather boots can turn a few heads, but the same, if paired with suede boots, would look horrible.

I have brought together some examples to help you get the hang of styling boots. Now you may ask, ‘Why do I need to know how to style boots while buying them?’

The answer is, you will never be able to shop successfully unless you know what will be a cohesive addition to your wardrobe.

PBSMost of us women end up buying pieces that do not ‘go’ with anything we own, and hence are made to buy more clothes that match that first buy, only to be able to wear it.

It is an inefficient way of expanding your wardrobe since now you will only have one/two combinations of dresses that you can pair with these shoes (which you wouldn’t want to repeat either, thus leading to you not wearing these boots often). It can be easily evaded if you keep your wardrobe in mind while buying shoes (boots, especially).

Two, you need to know with what heel size you’re comfortable. Best selling women’s boots come with an appreciable heel, while you can also find ones that have entirely flat soles.

PBSMost of us prefer a proper heel height to elevate ourselves a wee bit, but if you cannot carry yourself and are uncomfortable, it won’t be worth gaining those extra inches. Hence, it is in your best awareness to only wear things that give you the utmost comfort.

Finally, try to pick styles that are not staples. They don’t have to be eccentric; even a little bit of detail or stitching would do the trick. But wearing something that is just overly common will give you less value for your money (unless, of course, it is something you prefer).

After all, why pay to look like everyone else? It is precisely why the FASHIMO Texture Long Boots for Women and Girls I especially like amidst the rest of the enlisted items. While it is bold, it also happens to be just the right kind of bold without becoming a little too edgy. It clubbed with the build quality makes it an absolute ten.

In conclusion, this list is an amalgamation of all tastes and sensibilities, and it is taken care of that all women find their styles represented here.

That’s all I have in this article. Thanks again for reading. Keep checking the other articles on the website and get in touch on social media.

Please feel free to write below if you have a feedback, suggestion, or complaint. We love your comments.

If you want to buy anything online, pick bestsellers.

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