Top 10 Best Selling Lehenga Cholis in India (2020)

In India women cannot have a complete wardrobe without a set of Lehenga Choli in it. We present the best selling Women’s Lehenga Choli.

“Do not wait for occasions to dress up, just make an occasion to wear your favorite pick from India’s best selling lehenga cholis.”

Well, it is easier said than done. Occasions and events do not come announcing themselves well in advance.

PBS Most of us go on about our daily lives and only remember that we don’t have enough things in our wardrobe to pull off a great outfit a fortnight before the event.

Best Selling Lehenga Cholis

When an occasion comes up, we have often left wrangling with our closet essentials and are eternally confused as to what would be an appropriate fit for the event.

Then, we have no option but to settle for a basic-looking dress that we must’ve worn many times before, or an overnight-altering of our mother’s clothes, the style of became outdated in the 80s.

What’s worse, is when the event is of the scale of a wedding, or even a traditional ceremony where everyone is supposed to show up in their best attire.

It is when we get the most stress about looking and feeling our best, all while carrying errands and being social at the gathering.

Hence, it is of utmost importance that we have an outfit that is both practical for the weather, the longevity of the event/occasion, and also gorgeous enough to grab all the eyeballs in the room.

Top 10 Bestselling Women's Lehenga Cholis in 2020

To many women, it might seem like a substantial checklist, given how much importance we place in our sense of vanity.

PBS But fear not, because the trick to finding the perfect attire for a wedding/traditional function has nothing to do with your budget, and everything to do with your sense of style, innovative thinking, and a practical approach to shopping.

Thus, here I bring you a cohesive list of options that range from Anarkali lehengas to evening gowns and semi-western dresses in a plethora of textiles to choose from.

Depending on the jewelry/accessories you own, it will be elementary to pick a choice from the list below as most of them are so heavily detailed and worked-on that pairing them with any more bling will be an overkill.

What’s better is that most of these options are unstitched. So you won’t have to worry about that extra tummy flab that you need to shed before fitting into the dress of your dreams; you can simply stitch it to your proportions.

Without any further ado, let’s look at the Top 10 Best selling Lehenga Cholis in India.

Before getting into the actual list, here’s the standard disclaimer, which I think you should know before proceeding. is essentially a repository of articles that talk about best-selling products in a particular category or type of products that you are looking to purchase online.

Also, I am using affiliate links below, which means that when you purchase through any of these links, Amazon will pay me a small commission for absolutely no extra cost to you.

With that out of the way, let’s now take a look at the top 10 best selling Lehenga Cholis. If you want to buy Lehenga Choli online, pick bestsellers.

Fast Fashions Women’s Satin Lehenga Choli

Made of Taffeta Silk, this pink and orange set from Fast Fashions make for an incredible choice for all events, and you can bank on this to make you look incredibly gorgeous on a budget.

Fast Fashions is known for a great variety of options for ‘dressy’ occasions, and this one lives up to the standards of the other choices.

The orange dupatta has a lace border pattern, and the Anarkali-style lehenga flares out to give you a great ‘gher’ or symmetrical volume at the bottom.


  • Lehenga (Pink) – 44 inch, Semi-stitched with a ‘gher’ of 2.25 m
  • Choli (Pink)- 0.80 m, Unstitched
  • Dupatta (Orange) – 2.50 m


  •  Free-size hence will fit you regardless of your girth or height (which is a huge plus!)
  • Gold border, which means any gold jewelry would look equally stunning on this piece.
  • The ‘gher’ is appreciable, and if you are short, this will enhance your silhouette greatly.


  • Since it is unstitched/semi-stitched for the most part, you might have to spend some extra time and money to get it re-done according to your size from a neighborhood tailor.

Fast Fashions Women’s Net Unstitched Lehenga Choli

This set from Fast Fashions is yet again a bestseller for a reason. With Benglory silk and an exciting color palette, this set comes with one too many perks. A cream lehenga with a bright pink blouse and dupatta- this set checks all boxes for fashion-forwardness because of how much the cream can help in making the pink pop.


  • Lehenga (Cream) – 48 inches, Semi-stitched with a ‘gher’ of 2.00 m
  • Choli (Pink)- 2.20 m, Unstitched
  • Dupatta (Pink) – 2.20 m


  • It is skin-friendly, which means that the embroidery and beading do not poke you through the garment and hurt your skin
  • It can be paired with anything that has pink or gold highlights.
  • Would complement any type of footwear because of the excellent length (as your foot shall not be visible)
  • Will need minimal accessories to finish off the look
  • Free-size, so you will not have to hit the gym to fit into it.


  • Getting it tailored might be an extra mile that you have to scale to make sure it fits you well
  • Needs to be hand-washed or dry-cleaned.

Ethvilla Women’s Pure Silk Semi-Stitched Lehenga Choli 

This beautiful set from Ethvilla takes the cake for being one of the most eye-catching pieces in this list of best selling lehenga cholis. Most weddings and party occasions witness a plethora of women dressed in bright pinks and oranges.

Hence, if you are one of those who want to stand out in the sea of pinks, reds, and golds, this hue is perfect for you.

The gold embroidery work on the dark green garment looks delectable and will need minimal to no accessories to accentuate. All in all, this is a very wholesome set.


  • Lehenga (Dark Green) – 47 inches, Semi-stitched with a waist of 44 inches
  • Choli (Dark Green)- 1 m, Unstitched
  • Dupatta (Dark Green) – 2.50 m


  • Gold embroidery and lace border on this jewel-toned set makes the whole piece pop. Hence, you would barely need any accessories to create the look completely
  • The size can be expandable up to XXL, so no matter what size you are, you can rock this beautiful set
  • Made of pure silk, it does not irritate the skin and can hence be worn for more extended periods.


  • You will need to get it stitched, hence if you are short on time and need a ready-to-wear piece, you might have to give this one a pass.
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Fast Fashions Women’s Net Semi-stitched Lehenga Choli

Fast fashion is back with another set, which does an entirely modern take on the traditional lehenga choli. This netted style is very ‘in’ right now and hence this might be your chance to show your trendy fashion sense.

A white lehenga with red bulbous cloth gatherings, it is eye-catching for sure. The sheer net in the blouse gives an illusion of a fake neckline and sleeves. Pair this with red lipstick and be ready to have all eyes on you.


  • Lehenga (White net) – 44 inch, Semi-stitched with a flair of 2.10 m
  • Choli (White) – Unstitched
  • Top (White and Red)- 57 inches with a bust size of 44 inches


  • As a very modern set it will help you stand out amidst the crowd of traditional lehengas
  • Since it is a semi-traditional look, it can be worn to the non-traditional occasion too, thus making it one of the most versatile pieces among these best selling lehenga cholis
  • Accessorizing this is not even necessary since it is so eye-catching and can be easily overdone or overpowered by accessories
  • Any footwear would complement it, as it is not a traditional set
  • It is semi-stitched, hence can be worn by women of all sizes
  • It is lightweight because it is a fully netted set
  • The top can be worn elsewhere with jeans for a dressy outfit on-the-go


  • The net is susceptible to tears, and hence should be handled with care
  • Will need to be stitched as per size as this is not a ready-to-wear piece
  • Can only be hand-washed or dry-cleaned

Sojitra Enterprise Women’s Net Lehenga Choli

An incredible option for weddings and other traditional occasions alike, this dress begs to be worn at a Haldi ceremony. A bright flowy yellow lehenga paired with a dark green blouse and red rose details, this set is a treat to the eyes.

With a netted lehenga, you can move around all day without being weighed down by a massive ‘gher,’ all while having your skirt softly billowing in the wind like the muse we all once dreamt of being!


  • Lehenga (Yellow) – 3 m, Semi-stitched
  • Dupatta (Yellow) – 2.40 m
  • Top (Dark Green)- 0.80 m, Unstitched


  • Lightweight and hence can be worn for more extended periods without any discomfort
  • Does not poke you through the skin and is skin-friendly
  • Can be paired with gold jewelry of all kinds
  • Free size- hence can be worn by anyone with any kind of body
  • It can be complemented with traditional Indian footwear and heels alike.


  • Will have to be stitched before wearing
  • Cannot be washed with chlorinated bleach
  • Will need extra care while ironing

Thus far, the products discussed have unique and perky qualities and have a demographic of their own.

PBSThey all have a common disadvantage where they will need to be stitched by a tailor to be wearable, but it comes with an additional perk of being able to fit into it without hitting the gym or starting that new diet you’ve been reading about.

Regardless, this list intends to cater to women of all tastes and fashion sensibilities.

So if you haven’t entirely found your pick yet, I assure you that you will, once you reach the end of this list of Top 10 Best selling Lehenga Cholis in 2020.

MANSVI FASHION Women’s Silk & Jacquard Blend Lehenga Choli 

This new release from Mansvi fashion is a bit, unlike the others on the list. That is solely because of the textile used in this.

Banarasi silk is very rare and is usually only worn either by the elite or by the older women in the family. Hence, turning it into a younger piece of clothing (a lehenga) makes it perfect for younger women to connect to their traditional roots using this unique-looking textile.

The blue and the red look lovely on the gold when it hits the light, and the shimmer makes a great addition to the whole ensemble.


  • Lehenga (Blue and Red) – Free size
  • Choli (Blue)- 0.8m, Unstitched
  • Dupatta (Red) – 2.30 m


  • Skin-friendly hence can be worn for a longer time
  • Unique design; which means that it will catch people’s eyes very well
  • Banarasi silk is considered one of the gorgeous textiles in India, and this lehenga proves why
  • Free size, and hence can be worn by anyone.


  • Since the textile is exquisite, it requires extra care and washing patterns
  • Needs to be ironed with care
  • Would have to be stitched by a tailor to get it fitted to your measurements
  • Not very versatile- can only be worn to traditional events and weddings for that matter.

Vetrokart Women’s Silk Blend Semi-Stitched Lehenga Choli

The most heavily-worked and bright lehenga in this list of best selling lehenga cholis, this set by Vetrokart, is for the girl who goes all-out while attending weddings and ceremonies- the one who loves her bling dearly and pulls out all stops to get dressed up for the occasion.

The bright purple Taffeta Silk with the white embroidery makes a striking statement that is going to be hard to ignore at any party or wedding.


  • Lehenga (Royal Purple) – 44 inches with 0.80 m flair
  • Choli (Royal Blue)- 0.8m, Unstitched
  • Dupatta (Dusty Pink) – 2.25 m


  • While being ideal for weddings and other traditional events, it also makes for a great standalone set for when you don’t wish to be as decked up
  • The blouse can be worn as a top for other occasions
  • Free size, hence no need to worry about measurements
  • Anarkali lehenga is ideal for women who like a tasty flair to their lehengas, and suits short girls very well


  • Will have to get it stitched as per measurements
  • Can only be hand-washed or dry-cleaned
  • It can seem a little too dressy with additional accessories.

Clickedia Women’s Georgette Lehanga Choli

A georgette saree-style lehenga choli, this pink and white piece brings forth a perfect blend of color-blocking and traditional Indian motifs to achieve a unique silhouette.

The shimmer of gold and chrome pink at the borders lifts the look when the light hits the garment. Overall, a very different profile from the rest of the choices discussed in this list.


  • Lehenga (Cream) – Free size
  • Choli (Pink)- Free size
  • Dupatta (Pink)


  • Georgette is usually not a go-to textile option for most lehengas, and hence that makes this one a bit unique
  • Free size, hence can be adjusted to your measurements
  • The lehenga doesn’t have a massive flair and instead hugs your legs like a mermaid-style dress, white accentuates your curves and figure
  • The beautifully embroidered patch-work looks as beautiful up-close as it does from afar- which adds to the silhouette.


  • Georgette is a thin material and hence needs much care while handling; it can tear easily if not handled delicately
  • Needs to be ironed with care
  • Can only be hand-washed or dry-cleaned

Bhurakhiya Women’s Embroidery Colour Maroon Semi Stitched Gown

This gown is different from all other sets among these best selling lehenga cholis because it steers as far from the idea of a traditional lehenga as one can. It fuses the western design of an evening gown and marries it with a traditional Indian lehenga for evening wear.

Made of Taffeta silk, it catches the light over its golden border and holds a lustrous shine under any lighting.

It’s for the women who want to steer clear of any stereotypical choices at weddings and function, those who are bold enough to wear something that earns them much attention.


  • Anarkali dress (Maroon)- Unstitched (Free size)


  • Has just one piece, hence is more comfortable to maneuver in your wardrobe without the hassle of keeping track of the blouse, choli or lehenga separately
  • Can be washed with a rougher hand, as Taffeta silk is very durable
  • The golden embroidery works wonders in the styling department as it can be paired with a plethora of golden jewelry
  • Free size, hence can be fitted to one’s proportions.


  • Can drown you in much fabric if you are petite. One way to avoid this is the make sure the top half fits you like a glove
  • Will need to be stitched according to measurements

KEDARFAB Women’s Taffeta Silk Lehenga Choli

This Taffeta silk set comes with a gorgeously designed lehenga and choli. The golden and dusty pink embroidery makes it look royal and incredibly beautiful.

A statement piece in itself, you can choose to ditch accessories in their entirety and still manage to grab all the eyeballs in the room.


  • Lehenga (Wine) – 47 inches with 2 m flare
  • Choli (Wine)- 0.80 m – unstitched
  • Dupatta (Pink)- 2 m


  • A gorgeous and luxurious-looking set that lives up to the expectations set by the advertising pictures
  • Wouldn’t need much accessorizing
  • Free size for the most part
  • The simplistic dupatta can be paired with other outfits too.


  • Won’t fit plus size women; it is only for small to medium-sized females
  • The waist size is only 1.50 m
  • Will have to be stitched by a tailor
  • The dupatta is very thin and needs to be handled with care
  • It can only be washed by hand or dry-cleaned.


Almost all of the products in this list of the Top 10 Best Selling Lehenga Cholis sets in India have their pros and cons.

But for the most part, these options live up to the standards. The cons are usually bearable for the most part. With just a little bit of nit-picking, you will surely find the perfect lehenga that suits your taste, sense of style, occasion, and also that which has an excellent maintenance regime that won’t eat up time on your daily schedule.

PBSThough all the lehengas are meant for different fashion sensibilities and have their own set of functionalities and perks, I tend to find the “Sojitra Enterprise Women’s Net Lehenga Choli” a perfect fit for all occasions, no matter how traditional or ‘dressy.’

Moreover, it’s versatility allows it to be used in combination with the rest of your wardrobe (for example, you could wear the blouse as a top, the lehenga as a casual skirt under a shirt, or the dupatta as a bandanna or a scarf to make your regular outfit pop and get that extra ‘oomph’) and hence, it takes the cake for being the most practical yet fashion-forward piece in this list as per my opinion.

In conclusion, I’d like to state that the overall list of best selling lehenga cholis is not exhaustive. You could buy two sets of lehengas that have complementary designs and color palettes and make your custom outfit.

All in all, never fall prey to boredom in fashion. It is supposed to be experimented with. Finally, I hope each of these makes you feel at your very best at whichever occasion or event you plan to wear it to.

That’s all I have in this article. Thanks again for reading. Keep checking the other articles on the website and get in touch on social media.

Please feel free to write below if you have a feedback, suggestion, or complaint. We love your comments.

If you want to buy anything online, pick bestsellers.

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