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We are a small group of enthusiasts who love discussing latest products, gadgets, and everything under the Sun. We are a group and hence, our interests are varied. We talk about everything. The more we see, the more we become curious. We try to find out more and end up doing a lot of online research. It is exactly why we feel it as a social duty to give back and share all that we know or learn with you and everyone else.

In this blog, we write about best selling products from different genres or categories, like Electronics and Gadgets, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Beauty,  Health, & Nutrition, Sports and Fitness equipment, Computers and Accessories, Clothing and Apparels, Books, and everything else that catches our attention.

On PickBestsellers.com, we write only about the bestsellers – the top selling and best products. So, if you are looking for only the best and nothing else, then you are at the best place. Read, Comment, Share and Subscribe to Us for new and latest posts. They are coming pretty frequently. Stay in Touch!

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Let’s keep it neat and straight, as much as possible. Here are somethings that we want to profoundly mention so that you have a clear idea of what you are going to get here. We believe in transparency and seek the same as well. So, we bring to you a few disclaimers and disclosures, for you to know and make an informed decision. Please read carefully.

♛ Affiliate Disclosure

We strongly believe in bringing all the information that you need for absolutely FREE OF COST – you do not  have to pay a single penny to read our articles, reviews, comparisons, and everything else. However, in order to support our endeavor, we incorporate affiliate links in our posts, and when you make a purchase through these links (most, not all) we earn affiliate commission. 

So, if you are buying something through our links on this blog, thank you very much! We appreciate your support.

♕ Content Disclaimer

We strive hard to bring to you the best and  most accurate information possible. However, it is only human to err and we belong to that species as well, fortunately. Hence, please feel free to contact us (contact@pickbestsellers.com) and point out the mistake(s) that you find on the blog. We will be quick to fix it, wherever possible. If you find something abusive or harming you or your brand in someway, please get in touch. We try to provide true, heavily researched, and specific reviews of products and services and do not intend to unnecessarily bring a bad name to anyone or any product/service.

✎ Comments Disclaimer

As a rule of the thumb, we, at PickBestsellers.com are not  responsible for the comments made by the readers or visitors of this blog. We do not endorse them as well. Those are to be considered as sole opinions of the commentators.

We will also try to keep the blog clean by periodically going through all the comments and deleting those which are abusive, illegal, profane, unhealthy, rude or disrespectful in any manner that  we find justified. We may not be able to notify the commentator after deleting the comments. We request everyone to be responsible and polite in your comments and conversations.

✿ Image Disclaimer

We do not own (most of) the images that we post on this blog and we do not claim any credit for any of these too, unless otherwise mentioned. We do click a few, must most images are taken from different marketplaces and merchant sites. However, if there is an image that belongs to you and  you do not wish to have it on our blog, please let us know with a direct link to the post or image where it is published and we can remove it if found suitable.

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The product videos shown on different posts on PickBestsellers.com are NOT hosted on this blog and we DO NOT own or produce them as well and hence, we cannot be held liable or answerable to any of these. We link to these videos, either directly or using embedded codes only to showcase the product or service and nothing else.

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We own the content that we write, not the content that we link to, like images, videos, etc. and hold no copyrights of those as well. We will try to incorporate all the direct links as much as possible, but even if we miss out on any of those, the content and the ownership will continue to be with the original copyright holder.

If you find any copyright infringement, please bring to our notice and/or check the original location of the content and talk to appropriate content manager. We cannot be held responsible for that.

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Even after taking the necessary steps, if you want us to remove any content (images/videos etc.) please contact us (contact@pickbestsellers.com) and we will do the needful.


We are not lawyers and do not know how to legally write such disclaimers. These disclaimers written here  are not to be produced in the court of law in anyway whatsoever in any way against us. Also, these disclaimers are subjected to change in time, without any prior notice.

Thanks for being cooperative and collaborative. If you are looking for something, Pick Bestsellers.

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