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Top 10 Best Selling Boots for Men in India (2020)

Let’s talk about the top 10 most trending and best selling boots for men on Amazon.

Boots have been my fascination since childhood. I loved wearing boots and have always had them in my shoe stand since school days.

I have had a vast collection of boots, though I never had too many at the same time.

Today, in this article, I am going to talk about best selling boots for men that you can obtain from Amazon. I will be talking about the top 10 best selling boots from which you may pick the one that you love most.

Best Selling Boots for Men on

I loved boots mainly because of two reasons.

Firstly, I could wear them with my jeans, and that would give me that extra bad-ass look which I loved.

Secondly, wearing boots would make me look a tad taller than I actually was. Though I was not short in height anytime during my growing up or even now, I loved that extra oomph that boots would add to my dressing up.

PBS As a matter of fact, the highest score I made in my college cricket days came when I was wearing a pair of Woodland boots, which I bought from Guwahati, during the previous Durga Puja break. I so loved those boots that I went in to bat in them as my regular canvas shoes were wet and unwearable. In that innings, I scored my highest runs of my entire 6-years long career, in college.

Man! I have loved boots always. And this is probably the reason that I am writing about men’s boots in this very first review article on

Now, let’s dive into the list of top 10 best selling boots for men. But before that, here’s the standard disclaimer, which I think you should know before proceeding. is essentially a repository of articles that talk about best-selling products in a particular category or type of products that you are looking to purchase online.

Also, I am using affiliate links below, which means that when you purchase through any of these links, Amazon will pay me a small commission for absolutely no extra cost to you.

With that out of the way, let’s now take a look at the top 10 best selling boots for men. If you want to buy boots for men online, pick bestsellers.

Unistar Men’s Boots

Unistar Men's Boots
Unistar Men’s Boots are lace-up high-neck boots, designed for heavy-duty army men and civilians alike. They have rubber soles and are about 5 inches high from the sole. The manufacturer says that these are all-weather shoes, but reviews ask not to use them during the rainy season.

There are a lot of good reviews about these shoes and most are very happy with the purchase and the price point.

The shoes are very comfortable with sufficient cushions along the internal sides and usually do not smell bad after repeated usage as well.

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Kraasa Men’s Synthetic Leather Boots

Kraasa Men’s Synthetic Leather Boots are currently at the top of the list of best selling boots for men. These are considered more casual shoes and this is the reason that so many people wanted to buy them. The material is synthetic leather for a lightweight and easy fit.

Though there are a few bad reviews recently, most of the reviews say that these are worth the money and praise the premium look of the shoes. You can wash them easily as there is no leather and everything is made up of synthetic material.

These are obviously not for daily use.

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Kraasa Men's Synthetic Leather Boots

T-Rock Men’s Synthetic Leather Black Shoes

If you a re looking for something trendy,yet with all the features of a traditional pair of boots, then you can check out T-Rock Men’s Synthetic Leather Blak Shoes. These are also made up of Synthetic leather and are light in weight. The pointed tip makes them look fashionable.

Buyers have mentioned that these are waterproof boots and hence, can be worn during the monsoon as well. These are available in different colors. Use a wet cloth to clean from the outside and regular shoe wax to keep the boots shiny.

The sole is made up of high-quality rubber and looking at the treads, I am sure these can be used for light trekking as well.

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Kraasa Climber Boots for Men

Climber boots are those which help in climbing mountains or in trekking. Many prefer this kind of boots which they can not only wear casually on a daily basis, but also wear while going out on an adventure or exploration trip.

Kraasa Climber Boots for Men have PVC sole, which makes them easy to clean and maintain. These are stylish jungle boots and find a lot of demand among adventurous youngsters. These are light in weight, easy fit, and durable and are available in different colors.

Most buyers have praised the looks, pricing, and fitting of these best selling boots. There are very less negative reviews.

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Unistar PU Anti-Skid High Ankle Jungle Boots

Lace-up Ankle boots are the ones which are traditionally loved by those who go on occassional hikes and trekking. These boots are good for daily usage as well, but are prefered for more adventurous events.

Unistar High Ankle Jungle Boots are oil, stain, and water-resistant and can be cleaned and maintained very easily; however, some buyers have reported seepage of water while dipping the boots in water for a long time. These are the only boots that claim to be anti-skid and are also supported by customer reviews.

Most reviews are positive for these best selling boots for men. Some buyers have mentioned going to unfavorable environments and they loved these boots.

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Well, these were the top 5 best selling boots for men. Before moving on to the next 5, let me share a few things that I learned while going through the reviews of these boots.

PBS Firstly, most of these boots are made of either synthetic leather or PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) and have hardened rubber sole, which makes them withstand rough terrains and resist water to some extent.

I do not completely agree with the “water-resistance” characteristic that the manufacturers claim. Hence, it will not be wise to believe that these boots will resist heavy or prolonged exposure to water.

PBS Secondly, most buyers have mentioned purchasing 1 size bigger than the regular size, while buying boots. If you normally wear shoes of size 9, it will be recommended to get your pair of boots which are of size 10.

While buying my latest pair of boots online, I also did the same. I ordered size 11 while normally I wear size 10, and the fitting was very nice, sturdy, and solid.

I loved this tip shared by many authentic buyers.

Now, let’s move on with our list of top 10 best-selling boots for men.

Red Tape Men’s Boots
If you are looking for a branded all-leather pair of boots, this one will fall exactly in your choice. Red Tape is famous all over the world for their shoes. These are authentic, branded and genuinely all leather shoes.

Red TapeMen’s Boots are widely purchased because of their quality and authenticity. These are simple, yet classy.

There are a couple of brass buckles on the shoes, which enhance the look of the boots and also make them feel sturdy and comfortable. Just remember that initially, you have to take care of your feet to prevent internal injuries and bleeding, as they are made up of leather.

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Woodland Men’s Boots

My first ever boots that I bought myself were Woodland boots. I simply loved them!

Woodland Men’s Boots are completely leather shoes which are more often used as casual shoes and would dazzle with jeans and T-Shirts. Taking care of these boots is also easy. A hard leather brush can rub off the loose dirt, followed by leather cleaner or shampoo will make the boots glaze like new shoes.

Many reviews say that these can be used for trekking even in the rain. Hence, these are pretty robust. These boots are slightly higher in price when compared with the rest, but are branded and should be long-lasting.

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Red Tape Men’s RTE0492 Boots

Another all-leather pair of boots from Red Tape is currently featuring on the list of best selling boots for men. This is elegant, stylish, and classy. Pointed and round toe boots go well with formal dress as well.

Buyers have praised the quality of the leather and the looks of these boots. Though these may not be suitable for outdoor activities, you can wear them daily for office purposes.

You will get complete satisfaction with this branded Red Tape shoe. Maintenance of leather shoes is costlier than regular shoes as you will need shoe cream and frequent polishing to keep the shine intact.

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Bacca Bucci Men‘s Steel Toe Cap Boots

Look wise, these are probably the best pair of boots in this list. I just loved the buckles and the overall structure of these boots.

The steel toe cap makes it much more robust, sturdy, and strong. These are genuine army boots and can be definitely used for outdoor activities, such as trekking.

The upper part looks classy due to the genuine grain milled leather. These will go well with jeans and will give a genuine feel of rugged steel toe boots for men.

Having said that, the recent reviews of these boots on Amazon are not very positive.

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PARA TROOPER Men’s Leather Combat Boots

A pair of full-grain leather boots, if you like to have that completely satisfying feeling of wearing rugged army boots. PARA TROOPER has a lot of different boots in their collection and this one is featuring on the list of best selling boots for men for a long time.

The anti-skid mechanism will help you to withstand slippery surfaces if you happen to walk on them. These are very comfortable, lightweight, casual shoes, which will fit perfectly if you buy one size bigger than what you usually wear.

PARA TROOPER Men’s Leather Combat Boots are not completely made up of leather and hence, they are not completely waterproof but can withstand a little bit of rain, as per the reviews.

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BONUS: My Latest Boots

Well, before I end this list, let me add a bonus product to this – the boots that I am currently wearing, which I bought recently, about a month ago.

I searched a lot online for a variety of features and in the end, I bought these boots for myself.

PBS These are not very light in weight but look very sturdy and robust. I have been wearing regularly for a little over a month, and the boots never failed me. I wear them with jeans and at times, I even fold the jeans and pull it up to show the entire high ankle boots.

These boots should go very well with both casual and formal dresses. I have tried both combinations and did well in both.

I bought these boots for a marriage ceremony in my family and planned to wear them with both casually with jeans and formally with suits. I think they did an awesome job with both.

I specifically love the high ankle design and the buckles which let me lace up the boots in a way that the army men do. I have been wearing them on different terrains and have been driving as well, I never felt any problem.

Blinder Men’s Synthetic Long Boots are very comfortable from the inside and fit me very well. I bought 1 size bigger than usual. I think these are a great buy at this price point.

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That’s all I have in this article. If you have any questions or concerns or if you have any suggestions regarding best selling boots for men, please feel free to comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks again for reading. Keep checking the other articles on the website and get in touch on social media.

If you want to buy anything online, pick bestsellers.

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