Top 10 Best Selling Jewellery Sets for Women in India (2020)

When was the last time you indulged in a piece of sparkly jewelry? Hopefully, I wouldn’t have to remind you of the ecstatic feeling that it might’ve given you when you finally got to wear it.

“Give a woman some sparkle, and you will watch her shine.”

When was the last time you indulged in a piece of sparkly jewellery? Hopefully, I wouldn’t have to remind you of the ecstatic feeling that it might’ve given you when you finally got to wear it.

Getting decked up and looking beautiful is a big part of our mental health and self-care, and that makes us feel good about ourselves in our skin. This list of best selling jewellery sets for women in India will help in finding what you need.

Though it is pertinent to our image of ourselves and the need to look pretty, it is also essential to towing the balance between vanity and practicality.

Best Selling Jewellery Sets for Women

We, as women, are usually hesitant to invest in ourselves because vanity for women is looked down upon for being a shallow trait to have.

But pride also elevates our confidence and overall self-image when we indulge in it occasionally. And hence, it is of utmost importance that does everything in our power to make ourselves feel the best that we can at any given moment in time.

It also brings to question, ‘But isn’t vanity expensive?’

Well, yes, it is. But there are a few lee-ways where you can be practical while buying jewellery or clothes and simultaneously look fabulous on a budget.

Every woman loves a little bling. But real jewellery has a few drawbacks. While costing us deep pockets, they are very fragile and cannot always be used for daily wear.

A simple and elegant piece of garment can be elevated drastically with a small addition of jewellery. And thankfully, in this day and age, you don’t even need to shell out considerable sums to buy a decent-looking set for your neck and ears.

Top 10 Best Selling Jewellery Sets
Top 10 Best Selling Jewellery Sets for Women in India

Here, I bring you a list of Top 10 Best Selling Jewellery Sets for Women in India that you can buy online, which will give you tons of compliments from peers and admirers alike.

Before getting into the actual list, here’s the standard disclaimer, which I think you should know before proceeding. is essentially a repository of articles that talk about best-selling products in a particular category or type of products that you are looking to purchase online.

Also, I am using affiliate links below, which means that when you purchase through any of these links, Amazon will pay me a small commission for absolutely no extra cost to you.

With that out of the way, let’s now take a look at the top 10 best selling jewellery sets in 2020. If you want to buy jewellery online, pick bestsellers.

Sukkhi Glamorous LCT Gold Plated Wedding Jewellery Pearl Choker Necklace Set

This product comes with an incredible set of two gold plated necklaces, two pairs of earrings, and two Maang Tikkas. It has traditional pearl and LCT Gold plating all over its design, which contrasts very well.

Out of the two necklaces, one is a smaller version of the two and is more suited for traditional necklines of sarees and blouses. The other one is a slightly different version, which suits others, ‘closed’ necklines.

The earrings match their respective necklaces and dangle at a manageable length. Their bejeweled design would look perfect in night-time outings and events. The two Maang Tikkas make a fantastic pair with the rest of the set. The best part of it is that it can be worn as a standalone piece too.


  • Two gold-plated  necklaces
  • Two pairs of earrings
  • Two Maang Tikkas.


  • All of these sets are skin-friendly and can be worn for long periods
  • Fashionable, which means they have enough potential to be worn by themselves too.


  • Because it is gold plated and has numerous gemstones glued on, there’s a chance of either of these coming off quickly. It might hamper the look of the whole set and can be a drawback.

Sukkhi Jewellery Set

Jewellery gives you the option to buy only one of the sets presented in the combo discussed above, just in case you might not be interested in buying them together.

Containing one necklace, a pair of earrings, and a Maang Tikka, this set includes one of the two sets talked about in the previous product. The necklace is beaded with pearls and plated with gold.


  • One gold-plated necklace
  • One pair of earrings
  • One Maang Tikka


  • It is effortless to style, given how it goes with almost every outfit that you might have planned
  • Having all the perks talked about in the previous product, it gives a high return of investment in the longevity and amazing design quality of the product
  • Again, like almost all products on this list, it is skin-friendly


  • The gemstones are glued on and may come off, making the piece look a wee bit shabby.

Shining Diva Italian Designer Non-Precious Metal Jewellery Set

This jewellery set contains high-quality white gold plated Austrian Crystal Pendant Necklace Set with one pair of earrings and a bracelet.

With a 5-layer 18K micro white gold pendant for high durability, it adds an intricate polish while creating luxurious, glamorous reflections. The drop pendant of the necklace is a bright blue gem that will accentuate any outfit on catching the light.

The same goes for the earring and the bracelet; with immense elegance, it sparkles amazingly in dimmed light, making you and your outfit look gorgeous.


  • One pendant necklace
  • One pair of earrings
  • One bracelet.


  • Since it is nickel-free and lead-free, it shall not irritate the skin after extended wears
  • Made with gorgeous blue stones that catch the light beautifully
  • Since it is a pendant, it is lightweight and does not weigh down on your neck.


  • The chain is a feeble-looking one. With a sharp jerk, it seems probable to break. It might need some extra care while handling.

Shining Diva Latest Design 18k Gold Plated Kundan Wedding Party Wear Stylish Necklace Jewellery Set

It is a traditional Kundan jewellery set made from high-quality Kundan gemstones. It contains a necklace, a pair of earrings and a Maang Tikka.

It is sure to add that extra ‘oomph’ to any outfit that you plan on the traditional Indian spectrum of fashion. Shining Diva, as a brand, rarely disappoints, and this is definitely a win-win product.


  • One necklace
  • One pair of earrings
  • One Maang Tikka


  • It is genuinely one of the most beautiful looking sets in the list. With rose-colored gems and beautiful beaded design, it is sure to be the biggest attraction in your outfit
  • Again, since it is gold plated with 18k gold, it is safe for the skin and doesn’t cause any sort of irritation.


  • Since the dangling Kundan beads are attached with a thin wire, it might break off easily; hence it is advised not to handle it roughly (e.g., if the earring is tangled in your hair, try to not tug on it with a heavy hand)

Apara Bridal Gold Plated Pearl LCT Stones Necklace Jewellery Set

An incredible option for weddings, this bridal jewellery set comes with a stunning necklace, a pair of earrings, and a Maang Tikka that is quite beautiful on its own.

When paired with a lehenga, it will not only complement your outfit, but also your complexion as women of Indian skin-tones tends to look great in golden hues and undertones.


  • One necklace
  • One pair of earrings
  • One Maang Tikka.


  • When paired with a lehenga, it will not only complement your outfit, but also your complexion as women of Indian skin-tones tends to look great in golden hues and undertones.
  • The necklace is a gem-and-pearl-studded masterpiece that will make your neck look elongated because of its closed semicircle shape. The LCT stones will look great in wedding lights as they shine beautifully under any strobe of light. Overall, it is a gorgeous set.


  • Because of its over-the-top design, it might not be the most versatile piece in this list and might only be paired with wedding attires or special occasion outfits.

Diamonds are forever, but that is because you don’t wear them out every day. Jewellery may be the one thing that can step up your confidence with minimum effort.

And that is exactly what you need to amp-up your outfits on the daily. With a very vast range of choices, it is quite tricky to pick a favorite.

PBSAlso, given that jewellery can get quite expensive, it is vital that you invest in a lower cost bracket that you can wear every day and pass off as a unique fashion statement. PBSWe must spend not only on striking individual pieces but also on sets/combos to save us the time and effort of sifting through tons of mismatched jewellery that needs to be appropriately styled with outfits to look presentable.

So far, the products discussed have a trend where most of them are safe for your skin but need to be handled with care to be enjoyed for a longer time.

In the list further on, we shall look at some similar options where we shall discuss their versatility, the design, and what kind of occasion they might suite.

Because of their high performance in each of the following parameters, they make it to the list of the Top 10 Best selling Jewellery Sets in 2020.

Urbalaa Floret Yellow Gota Patti Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & Maang Tika

A truly unique piece, this Gota Patti necklace makes for a great pair with any Haldi ceremony attire, and beyond. This set has a yellow-rose-detailed necklace, a couple of earrings, and a Maang Tikka. All of these make an excellent combination for any outfit at a Haldi ceremony.


  • One necklace
  • One pair of earrings
  • One Maang Tikka.


  • Skin-friendly hence can be worn for a longer time
  • Unique design; which means that it will catch people’s eyes very well
  • It is made of beautifully crafted roses, which elevate the look of whatever you might plan on wearing to the Haldi ceremony.


  • Because of so many ‘dangling’ elements in the necklace and earrings, there’s a high chance that the beads or roses may be yanked off with a slight pull. Hence, special care must be taken when handling this set.

Sukkhi Dazzling Gold Plated Wedding Jewellery Austrian Diamond Choker Necklace Set Combo

Probably one of the biggest combos in this list, this set claims a whooping three necklaces and three pairs of earrings. With traditional Austrian Diamond gold plated chokers and matching earrings, this combo by Sukkhi comes with three stunning individual sets of jewellery, which can even be mixed-and-matched to create nine distinct looks from this combo alone.


  • Three necklaces
  • Three pairs of earrings


  • Because of its unique yet generic design of gold and diamonds, it can be paired with a plethora of outfits that you might have in your wardrobe
  • With incredible detailing, it makes for a great addition of that extra ‘bling’ to your daily outfits, while being great at transforming your evening-wear clothes into stunning outfits that look put-together
  • Again this set too is skin-friendly and can be worn for a very long time without itchiness or irritation.
  • It can be mixed and matched among themselves because the sets in this combo are very much alike, and will look equally great if paired with elements from a different set.


  • The gold plating might wear off over time, as many previous customers of this product claim. But regardless, this is worth the price because of the sheer number of sets you are getting in this combo.

Youbella Antique German Silver Oxidised Plated Tribal Cotton Thread Necklace Earring Set

Oxidized-silver-plated jewellery, this set comes with a necklace and matching earrings. It happens to have a Durga motif in the front, giving it a unique touch, while also keeping the ‘funk’ element. Youbella is known for its unique designs and sturdy build, and this one proves to be no different.


  • One necklace
  • One pair of matching earrings.


  • breath of fresh air amidst the ‘bling’ of jewellery, this set comes with a significant number of perks.
  • With the black metal detailing and pink threadwork, the contrast in this piece looks highly elegant and screams ‘unique.’ Be it a traditional function or family gathering, it is sure to catch someone’s eye.
  • It also makes for transformative daily wear after ditching the necklace and wearing the earrings as standalone pieces.
  • This set comes with a necklace and a pair of earring only but is an excellent example of quality over quantity
  • Cons:

    • It doesn’t seem to have any.

    YouBella Jewellery Gold Plated Jewellery Long Traditional Maharani Coin Necklace Set and Red Green Coin Jewellery Set with Earrings

    This combo consists of two necklaces- a long coin necklace and a choker version of it, as well as a matching set of earrings.

    The coins in the long necklace are gold plated, and the ones in the choker piece have a red hue to it. A set of long traditional maharani coin jewellery set with a pair of earrings, this stunning combo sets the bar high for transformative pieces that can easily transition from day to nightwear.

    The earrings can be worn as a standalone piece to amp-up any outfit, while the shorter choker necklace can elevate your traditional outfits to a great extent. It’s very lightweight and hence doesn’t weigh down on your neck after prolonged wear.


    • Two necklaces (a choker and a long coin necklace)
    • A matching pair of earrings


    • Lightweight
    • Has a very charming traditional aesthetic to it, which would match all traditional garments well


    • Can irritate sometimes, so it is advised to wear it over closed necklines that avoid prolonged skin contact

    Sukkhi Traditional Gold Plated Wedding Jewellery Choker Necklace Set

    This set is a part of the combo talked about in the first product. Sukkhi returns with individual sets from its combo pieces to accommodate those customers who might not be into buying the whole combo.

    White it is gold-plated with LST plating, it also matches up to the highest standards of polishing and finishing that one might expect from a jewellery set meant to be worn at festive occasions.


    • One necklace
    • One pair of earrings
    • One Maang Tikka


    • With a fantastic golden and a great touch of gemstones, this beautiful piece comes as a great addition to any traditional outfit- be it sarees, Kurtis or lehengas
    • With a necklace, matching earrings and a Maang Tikka, that can all be worn as separate pieces, this combo makes for a great buy because of its versatility
    • Skin-safe


    • The gemstones might wear off, and hence demand light-handed care during its period of use


    Almost all of the products in this list of the top 10 Best selling Jewellery Sets for Women in India have their pros and cons.

    Still, the advantages, in most cases, balance out the disadvantages and hence make the product a tremendous possible addition to your collection of traditional jewellery, while also making it to the Bestsellers List of Traditional Women’s Jewellery available online.

    Out of all the products suggested, the antique oxidized silver cotton thread necklace makes for the best buy because of its uniqueness, versatility, and the quality of the overall purchase.

    PBSIn conclusion, this is a comprehensive list of all things that a woman might need to add that additional ‘wow’ factor to their traditional wear and look their best without compromising on the functionality.

    This list of Top 10 best selling jewellery sets for women in 2020 should cover all the needs of a modern woman who is always on-the-go and needs a quick addition of ‘bling’ to her outfits to elevate their confidence and overall aura.

    That’s all I have in this article. Thanks again for reading. Keep checking the other articles on the website and get in touch on social media.

    If you want to buy anything online, pick bestsellers.

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