Top 10 Best Selling Suitcases and Trolleys

Top 10 Best Selling Suitcases and Trolleys in India (2020)

We cannot imagine a travel without a suitcase. Here is a list of top 10 of the bestselling suitcases and trolleys in India.

If there’s one thing that we travel with, irrespective of where we are going and with whom, it is the suitcases and trolleys. Especially as Indians, we seldom travel light, and hence we require the best in the game to cover us for our luggage needs.

Best Selling Suitcases and Trolleys

“Suitcases are to long-distance travel what wingspans are to flights,” the saying might sound a bit bizarre. But when you find yourself heckling with the airport customs over an overweight suitcase or a broken one, you would believe that this ordeal is entirely avoidable if you had put in some faith in that quote.

Top 10 Best Selling Suitcases and Trolleys
Top 10 Best Selling Suitcases and Trolleys

A suitcase that fails to deliver on its claims can potentially ruin your trip. At the very least, you can be forced to buy another on the spot to replace it when it breaks down.

It is precisely what you need to keep in mind while purchasing a suitcase. The price for a slip-up or a wrong product can potentially be immense. Hence, always remember to have a tick on the following checkboxes before shelling out the cash.

PBSFirst, never buy suitcases that are bulky and incredibly heavy. If your briefcase itself weighs a few kilos, it eats up the weight limit on flights, thus decreasing the number of things you can fit in it. Always go for durable and light suitcases that allow you to carry more stuff.

Second, check for faulty zippers. Even the most reputed companies have broken zippers in their products. Always sift through the reviews to find out if the suitcase has weak zipper chains. After the bag arrives, always check the zippers first.

Always buy the ones with four wheels and not those with only two. Four-wheeled suitcases tend to be much easier to travel with than two-wheeled ones because they do not put any kind of weight on your hand.

Also, make sure to pick a trolley handle height that is long enough in case you (or the person you’re gifting it to) happen to be taller than average. The handle plays an essential role in the comfort of usage.

PBSFinally, make sure you buy something worth your money. We do not buy suitcases every day. Hence, it is essential that when we do, we pick quality products.

Do not hesitate to widen your budget to fit a bag that caters to all your needs. It will prevent you from needing a new suitcase every year. This way, you not only save time but also save your hard-earned money.

Here, I have made a shortlist of Top 10 Bestselling Suitcases and Trolleys in India, keeping in mind the broad spectrum of demographics that uses a suitcase, and the varying budgets of each subset.

Keep reading to find out more!

Before getting into the actual list, here’s the standard disclaimer, which I think you should know before proceeding. is essentially a repository of articles that talk about best-selling products in a particular category or type of products that you are looking to purchase online.

Also, I am using affiliate links below, which means that when you purchase through any of these links, Amazon will pay me a small commission for absolutely no extra cost to you.

With that out of the way, let’s now take a look at the top 10 best selling Suitcases and Trolleys. If you want to buy suitcases and trolleys online, pick bestsellers.

Skybags Trooper 55 Cms Polycarbonate Cabin Luggage  

With a hard outer casing and a total of 4 wheels, this suitcase has it all- toughness and durability. The anti-theft num-lock system protects your luggage and valuables, while the smooth trolley handle is comfortable to drag and move around with.

The color, too, is a unique one, making it easier for you to identify your luggage at the customs, etc.


  • Size: 38 cms x 21 cms x 55 cms
  • Volume: 32 L
  • Color: Blue
  • Capacity: 28L
  • Number Lock
  • Four wheels
  • Casing: hard


  • Bright color, making it easily identifiable
  • Compact design
  • Hard casing (polycarbonate) makes it resistant to water and other harsh forces
  • Four wheels make it easier to move around
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Not very spacious

American Tourister Portland Polyester 80 cms Check-in Luggage

With soft casing and several outer compartments, this suitcase design is ideal for those who want to have small stuff handy. The protection guard from the side and bottom makes it a somewhat durable design.

The straps and pockets make sure your belongings are organized and kept in place. The bright color makes it easily identifiable.


  • Dimensions: 50 cms x 32 cms x 80 cms
  • Volume: 105 L
  • Three compartments
  • Weight: 4660 g
  • Number lock
  • Polyester casing


  • Compartments make it easy to organize luggage
  • Four wheels enable easy transport
  • Num-lock keeps your belongings safe
  • Spacious
  • Durable
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • No hard casing
  • Not waterproof
  • Not dust resistant

Skybags Cardiff Polyester 52 cms Travel Duffle

For those who fancy a duffel bag but want the same utilities packed into the mobility of a suitcase, this is a perfect pick. The color makes it easily identifiable, and the handle straps make it easy to carry if you don’t want to drag it around.

With enough compartments, you will also get to organize your stuff very efficiently.


  • Dimensions: 53 cms x 28 cms x 30 cms
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2330g
  • Capacity: 39L
  • Polyester material
  • Manufacturer warranty


  • Manufacturer warranty for three years
  • Handy handle straps, easy for picking up the luggage
  • Tall trolley handle
  • Outer compartment for storing small things that you will need often
  • Bright color, hence easily identifiable


  • Not waterproof
  • Not duct-proof
  • Doesn’t have a num lock

Skybags Mint 55 cms Polycarbonate Cabin Luggage

Beautiful design and a niche staple in the luggage category, Skybags has indeed knocked it out of the park with this one. The durability and design quotient is unmatched, and though it falls a wee bit on the more expensive spectrum of suitcases, it is worth every penny because of all the perks that you get with this one.

The bright color and the fresh ripple design is unique and identifiable, making it easier to spot your luggage at the airport.


  • Color: Blue
  • Dimensions: 36 cms x 24.5 cms x 55 cms
  • 2 compartments
  • Volume: 30 L


  • Hard casing (polycarbonate) that protects your luggage from strong contact forces
  • Waterproof
  • The rubber lapels do not wear off like the polyester ones, making it much more durable
  • Four wheels for excellent mobility
  • Num lock for security
  • 5-year manufacturing warranty


  • None that is mentionable

American Tourister Portland Polyester 70 cms Check-in Luggage

While every bag has its perks and cons, this one is not different. While Americal Tourister is one of the best brands for luggage shopping, this is a clear winner when it comes to space and utilities related to organizers and compartments.

The four wheels make it a smooth drag, and the num lock keeps your belongings safe. While this might need frequent washes due to its polyester exterior, the utilities make up for this drawback.  


  • Capacity: 68 L
  • Color: Blue
  • Dimensions: 46 cms x 29 cms x 70 cms
  • Weight: 3935kg
  • Four wheels
  • 3-year warranty


  • Bright color
  • Four wheels, making it easily mobile
  • Incredibly spacious
  • Has a num lock
  • Two compartments on the outer end of the luggage
  • Protection guards on the bottom end


  • Not dirt-proof
  • Short trolley height
  • Not waterproof

While everyone uses a suitcase, seldom would you hear people buying ones that last them a good number of years.

The reason is not only the low-quality products that are sold in the market, but the onus also falls on the buyers who buy these low-quality products and fall in the trap of their campaign marketing.

A smart buyer is one who knows what is needed. Knowing what deserves your money and what doesn’t and also understanding which qualities in a product are non-negotiable helps you to make the right buying decision.

Suitcases pose a much higher stake in terms of failure risk because a broken trolley or suitcase at an airport or railway station can potentially spoil your entire trip and cause an immense amount of anxiety.

To prevent yourself from falling prey to any such mishaps, you need to keep a few things in mind.

PBSFirstly, hard casing suitcases are almost always a better choice when compared to soft casing ones. The reason is straightforward.

It is waterproof, scratchproof, protects your luggage from rough handling and impact damage.

Apart from that, it is also very compact and much more durable than softcover ones.

The only perks of softcover one are that it comes with compartments, and it can be expanded to fit more space-consuming luggage.

These perks can easily be added to hard-cased ones by one, keeping your stuff organized in pouches while packing, and two, buying a slightly larger hard case suitcase than what you would typically do.

PBSSecondly, I always look for a warranty. It is one of the most underrated things when it comes to shopping, and even during product usage.

A good warranty not only shows that the manufacturer has some confidence in the sold product but also allows you to replace your product within the warranty period.

Further down the list, you will find that all products on this list, have a minimum of a one-year warranty. 

Amazon Basics 78 cm Black Check-in Trolley 

This one checks all the boxes- durability, had casing, and security. The num locks are convenient and the wheels are double-barreled, making them extra buttery while dragging the weight.

The bag is incredibly spacious (one of the most spacious bags in this list) and comes with a tremendous strap-in mechanism for your luggage.


  • Dimensions:   53.5 x 32.5 x 78 cm
  • Weight: 5.28kg
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity:105 L
  • Manufacturer warranty


  • Sleek, beautiful design that is minimalistic and elegant
  • Anti-theft num lock
  • A total of 2 sub-compartments that allow you to organize your stuff much more efficiently
  • Water-resistant, scratch proof material
  • Hard casing


  • A little bulky
  • The handles can give away very easily
  • Only1 year warranty

Skybags Rubik Polyester 68 Cms Check-in Luggage 

A classy design that merges the utilities of a soft casing compartmentalized suitcase with the ease of a hard housing one, this product is a great buy. The gold details on the blue look incredible, and you will be surprised to find that the insides are very well organized too.

The insides are lined with protective covers to prevent sharp objects from impaling the body and potentially ruining your belongings. 


  • Dimensions: 46.5 cms x 31.5 cms x 68.5 cms
  • Capacity: 66 liters
  • Weight: 4500 grams
  • 3 compartments
  • Color: Blue


  • Beautiful design
  • Polyester is a durable fabric
  • Compact design
  • Compartments for ease of organization
  • Four wheels for quick mobility
  • Decent trolley handle height
  • Has a number lock


  • Not water resistant
  • Not dirt resistant
  • Not very spacious

Safari RAY Polycarbonate 53 cms Hardsided Cabin Luggage

A hard casing suitcase that is meant for compact traveling, this is for those of you who like to pack light and detest bulky luggage. It is also ideal for one-day trips and shoots. With its classy design and appealing aesthetic, it is also very apt for carrying to corporate trips or tours.

The compact bag, though looks small, can fit a lot because of its hard cases and expandable zippers.


  • Capacity: 32 L
  • Dimensions: 22 cms x 36 cms x 53 cms
  • Weight: 2800g
  • Three compartments
  • Five years manufacturer warranty
  • Num-lock


  • Five years warranty
  • Water-resistant
  • Incredibly compact with a sleek, sophisticated design
  • Beautiful build
  • Scratch proof hard polycarbonate casing
  • Number lock
  • Four wheels, hence more comfortable to move around


  • Not suitable for those looking for a spacious bag

American Tourister Jamaica Polyester 80 cms Softsided Suitcase

It is one of the biggest bags on the list. It is designed for those who demand much space in a bag. Since soft cover suitcases have a lot more flexibility in terms of space and organization as compared to hard-cased ones, this one doubles down on its space parameter.

If you are looking for that one bag which would fit the whole family’s stuff without much hassle, look no further.


  • Capacity: 120L
  • Color: Space Grey
  • Three compartments
  • PU coated polyester fabric
  • Dimensions: 49 cms x 34.5 cms x 80 cms
  • Weight: 4100gm


  • Spacious
  • Has a few compartments
  • Four wheels that make mobility easy
  • Number lock for security
  • Three years of manufacturing warranty
  • Sturdy handle


  • Not dirt-proof
  • Not waterproof
  • Not very compact

Safari Thorium Sharp Antiscratch 66 Cms Polycarbonate Check-In Suitcase

Made from imported lightweight polyester fabric, it has a tested strength of 140 kgs. With a 1-year manufacturer warranty, this is the only bag in this price range that gives this facility. With three sections and a pocket in the front, it is ideal for carrying books and other paraphernalia.

With a 3D airflow panel at the back and shoulders, it makes sure that carrying it for too long will not allow sweat to stick underneath the bag. Overall, it has a broad appeal and is ideal for school students who do not need to carry a laptop.


  • Dimensions: 46 cms x 27 cms x 66 cms
  • Capacity: 81.9L
  • Color: Black
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Four wheels


  • Hard casing
  • Durable
  • Spacious
  • Has four wheels
  • Number lock for extra security
  • Dirt and water-resistant


  • It is on the higher price range, as compared to other bags in this same range of capacity.


A genuinely original product with the increasing trend of globalization, a suitcase is a staple in almost every household.

The utility, combined with the mobility that this product provides is simply unmatched.

Yet we end up making bad decisions as buyers and end up having to buy a suitcase every year, while a good one is supposed to last you at least five or more years.

Why is that so? It is because the majority of us are not smart enough while buying.

PBSOne way to curb the pitfalls of buying a substandard product is to always look for red flags in reviews. Never purchase anything that has negative points in the reviews on Amazon, regarding the product’s durability or build quality.

Buying an ugly product is much better than buying something pretty that will break into two, right after the first use. Even if you have to pay more to get a quality product, try to opt for it.

One of the most fundamental ways of approaching a suitcase shopping session is to ponder over where you’re going and where you usually go.

If you are someone who does air travel frequently, you might not want a bulky suitcase due to weight restrictions as per the country you’re traveling.

If you’re someone who travels with family, you will want a large suitcase above all else.

In contrast, if you travel alone, pack light, and go on very short trips, buying a compact suitcase must be your priority.

If you carry precious things, it is better to have a suitcase with a reliable number lock mechanism for anti-theft purposes.

You cannot quite find the perfect suitcase if you don’t see your definition of perfect.

If you’re buying soft casing suitcases, make sure the textile is a high-quality polyester fabric, and the stitching is durable under harsh conditions.

Thankfully for hard casings, this won’t be a problem because most of them have barely any stitching, and they come with rubber lapels that are way more durable than their polyester counterparts.

PBSKeeping all of the above in mind, I would recommend Skybags Mint 55 cms Polycarbonate Turquoise Hardsided Cabin Luggage because of its perfect build and overall perks that outweigh any possible cons.

I own this suitcase myself! I have been using it for a few years now and have never ran into any problem.

In conclusion, this list has been an inclusive one, where I have tried to be as diverse as I could to address your luggage needs.

I hope you found the product that would describe and deliver upon all your needs. Happy traveling!

That’s all I have in this article. Thanks again for reading. Keep checking the other articles on the website and get in touch on social media.

Please feel free to write below if you have a feedback, suggestion, or complaint. We love your comments.

If you want to buy anything online, pick bestsellers.

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