Top 10 Best Selling Air Coolers

Top 10 Best Selling Air Coolers for the Indian Summer (2020)

Air coolers are box-like units that consist of a fan, water-soaked pads, and has a pump. To use it, you only have to fill water into it and turn it on. The fan then circulates cool air in the room.

Well, winter is gone, and summer is about to come, so here are the top 10 best selling air coolers for your home and office, which you will love.

If you need to buy an AC, but after long searching, you could not find one in your budget, don’t sweat it out. Go for the next best thing – an air cooler. Air coolers may not give you a wintery chill as an air conditioner does, but they are one-fourth the price of an AC and are easy on the electricity bills too. Here’s a guide you need before buying an air cooler.

Air coolers are box-like units that consist of a fan, water-soaked pads, and has a pump. To use it, you only have to fill water into it and turn it on.

Best Selling Air Coolers

The cooler will suck the hot air from the surroundings and send through the water-cooled pads and then circulate inside the room and eventually reduce the room temperature by quite a few degrees.

Top 10 Best Selling Air Coolers for the Indian Summer

There are two kinds of coolers – a desert cooler and a room cooler. While both types of air coolers work in the same way, i.e., evaporation of water to cool the surroundings, some features set them apart.

The desert cooler is usually fitted outside a window and takes in the air from outside. The fan in this type of air cooler is used as an exhaust. It often provides better cooling and also takes more space, water, and power.

On the other hand, a room cooler is less potent than a desert air cooler but more efficient with power, water, and space usage, than the desert cooler as it is kept inside the room and placed on a trolley that could be moved across your house.

The fan in this type of cooler is used to force the air out. If you are looking for an air cooler to fight severe heat, then you need a desert-cooler, but if the temperature is not that much, then a room-cooler would suffice.

Now, let’s see the reviews of the top 10 best selling air coolers which you can buy from Amazon at present. These products are listed in the best sellers segment for months now!

However, before getting into the actual list, here’s the standard disclaimer, which I think you should know before proceeding. is essentially a repository of articles that talk about best-selling products in a particular category or type of products that you are looking to purchase online.

Also, I am using affiliate links below, which means that when you purchase through any of these links, Amazon will pay me a small commission for absolutely no extra cost to you.

With that out of the way, let’s now take a look at the top 10 air coolers in India, at present. If you want to buy air coolers online, pick bestsellers.

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler 12-litres, Multistage Air Purification

Symphony is a market leader when it comes to Air Coolers. If you live in a small apartment or a rented house, it can be a very good product for you. It is easy to move around even in small places.

It has a power consumption of 170 watts, which means you can run it on the operating cost of a fan.

Moreover, it has a 1-year warranty when you buy from Amazon.


  • It has a 12-liters water capacity.
  • Multistage air purification.
  • Honey-comb cooling pads.
  • Powerful pump.
  • Control panel.


  • Perfect for one room.
  • Low cost.
  • Runs on the cost of a fan.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Customer care is something that the buyers have complained about

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White)

If you need a medium-sized but powerful cooler for a room of about 150 sq. ft. area, this is ideal for you. Bajaj brings to you a classy and high selling 100 Watts air cooler with a body dimension of 45.5 cm x 43.5 cm x 82 cm. It is suitable for all climates and hence you can buy it from all over the country.


  1. 36-litres water capacity.
  2. 3-way speed control.
  3. 3 side honey-comb cooling pads.
  4. Castor wheel.


  • 1-year warranty.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Multi side cooling.
  • Works with an inverter.


  • Sometimes leaks water.

Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Room Air Cooler 27-litres

If you stay in a medium apartment or on rent with two or three people and if you have a low or medium budget, then this is one of the ideal best selling air coolers for you. It has a coverage area of 46 cubic meters. Its power consumption is about 105 Watts and dimensions are 450 mm x 305 mm x 831 mm.


  1. It has 27-litres capacity.
  2. 3-side honey-comb cooling pads.
  3. Dura-pump Technology.
  4. Control Panel.
  5. Multi-Stage air purification.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Can run on inverter also.
  • Ideal for one room.
  • Works as air-purifier also.
  • 5.Low power consumption.


  • Not ideal for a big room.

Orient Electric Smartcool-DX CP1601H 16-Litre Personal Air Cooler

Orient is an age-old name in the Indian market of air coolers. Orient Electric Smartcool-DX CP1601H comes with three types of water tank capacity options, which are 16-liters, 20-liters, and 35-liters. It is hence customizable and can be purchased for a small, medium, or even a large room. The cooler dimension is 46 cm x 34 cm x 65 cm. It has a power consumption of 140 watts. It has got good ratings on Amazon as is certainly the best buy in this price range.


  1. Honey-comb cooling pads.
  2. 3-speed control.
  3. Auto water-fill feature.
  4. Ice compartment.
  5. Remote control.


  • 1-year warranty.
  • 4-way cooling.
  • 3.Shockproof Abs plastic.
  • Inverter compatible.
  • Dust filter.


  • A little bit noisy.

Symphony Touch 35 Personal Air Cooler 35-litres with Remote

Symphony Touch 35 is in the list of best selling air coolers, and it has been on the list of bestsellers on Amazon for a long time. Power consumption is 185 Watts, and it has a dimension of 470 mm x 350 mm x 813 mm. With a coverage area of 56 cubic meters, it can cool down your bedroom, hostel room, and a small office.


  1. 35-litres water tank capacity.
    1. Honey-comb cooling pads.
    1. Multi-Stage air-purifier.
    1. Dura-pump technology.
    1. Remote control.


  • Voice assist.
  • SMPS technology (for handling voltage fluctuation).
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Also works with an inverter.


  • Not ideal for big rooms.

Crompton Ozone 55-Litres Desert Air Cooler

A desert cooler capable of performing under a heavy load is Crompton’s Ozone Desert Air Cooler. It can perform under extreme heat conditions and can still come out a winner. This cooler also comes in three options for water tank size, namely 55-liters, 75-liters, and 88-liters. It is ideal for rooms as big as 550 Sq. ft. or similar. The product dimension is 49 cm x 70 cm x 130 cm, and it has a power consumption of 190 watts.


  1. Honey-comb cooling pads.
  2. Ice chamber.
  3. 3-speed cooling.
  4. Auto swing louvers.
  5. Water drain plug.


  • 1-year warranty.
  • Body made with ABS plastic.
  • 4-way cooling.
  • Works with the inverter.
  • Castor wheels for easy movement.
  • 6.Rust free body.
  • 7.Overload protector.


  • Not suitable for small room.

Symphony Diet 35T Sleek & Powerful Personal Tower Air Cooler 35-litres

Another bestseller air cooler is Symphony Diet 35T. It is an ideal cooler for a 50 cubic meter room and has got a lot of good reviews on Amazon. Product dimensions are 430 mm x 360 mm x 1155 mm, and it has a power consumption of 170 Watts.


  1. 35-litres water capacity.
  2. Dura-pump technology.
  3. Automatic louver.
  4. Multistage air-purifier.
  5. Water level indicator.
  6. Honey-comb cooling pads.


  • Water level indication.
  • Automatically cools the entire room.
  • Castor wheels.
  • Low power consumption.


  • No remote controller.

Havells Freddo I Desert Air Cooler -70 liters

How can we have a review end without having a product from Havells in it? Yes, Havells has released quite a few electrical equipment over the years in India, which are performing awesomely in Indian homes and offices. An ideal cooler for big rooms and shops and office rooms is the Havells Freddo I Desert Air Cooler. It has collapsible louvers, which helps in the proper distribution of air around the room. It’s  dimension is 66 cm x 49.7 cm x 117 cm, and power consumption is 220 watts.


  1. 70-litres water tank.
  2. Remote control.
  3. Collapsible louvers.
  4. High-speed cooling.


  • Air delivery- 3500 m3/hr.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Easy service.


  • Water leakage happens sometimes.

Orient Electric Supercool CP3001H 30-Litre Air Cooler

Another one of the best selling air coolers from Orient is Orient Electric Supercool CP3001H. A top air cooler for a long time, and it is conveyed well by the number of good reviews it has got on Amazon. It is an ideal cooler for a medium and big sized room. The product dimension is 34.5 cm x 41.8 cm x 93 cm, and it has a power consumption of 140 watts. It also boasts on the fact that this cooler has an anti-mosquito technology, which keeps the mosquitos out too.


  1. Honey-comb cooling pads.
    1. 3-speed motor.
    1. 30-litres water tank capacity.
    1. Anti-mosquito.
    1. Auto water filling.
    1. Water level indicator.


  • Air delivery- 1300 m3//hr.
  • 4-way cooling.
  • Dust filter.
  • Rustproof.
  • ABS body.


  • No remote control.

Symphony Diet 22i Personal Tower Air Cooler 22-liters

An ideal air cooler for a small room of about 42 cubic meters is Symphony Diet 22i. The product dimension is 300 mm x 330 mm x 943 mm, and it consumes about 170 watts power. It is comparatively smaller when the water tank capacity is concerned but is enough for smaller Indian rooms. Also, it has a remote control, which makes it easier to use and controllable from remote areas within the house.


  1. 22-litres water tank capacity.
  2. Honey-comb cooling pads.
  3. Remote controller.
  4. Dura-pump technology.
  5. Multi-Stage air-purifier.
  6. SMPS technology.


  • Handles voltage fluctuations.
  • 3 fan speed modes.
  • Timer.
  • Empty water alarm mode.
  • 5.Low operating cost.
  • Also runs with the inverter.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Noise problem.


So, which one should you buy? All the above coolers are excellent in their features and technology. Your purchase should ideally be based on your specific requirements.

If you live in a medium-sized or slightly large-sized room, you should buy the Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler. The smaller ones can be more suitable for smaller rooms, shops, and office spaces.

If you want a perfect cooler for your family within your budget, go through all the top 10 best selling air coolers and their features and grab incredible deals on Amazon. It is always good if you can check the physical product in some electronics shop nearby and then make an online purchase.

That’s all I have in this article. If you have a question or if you want to make a suggestion, please feel free to add a comment below or get in touch with us on our Contact Page.

If you are buying online, pick bestsellers!

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